We provide a Credit process
Like a bank.

We help you get PAID, on time and in full.

Give you an easy process to use
no prior credit experience needed!

It is just like having an experienced Credit Manager - without the wages!.

what can be a very challenging part of your business.

Save time and money with Bulletproof My Credit Management.

We Are Bulletproof My Business
and we can help you do

Business, on your terms!

We Are Bulletproof My Business
Business, on your terms

We have identified the 4 major steps in an ideal credit process:

Know who you are dealing with

Identifying the entity you intend to do business with is critical - after all, it is almost impossible to enforce an agreement made vaguely. For example - you pick up Bulletproof My Business Pty Ltd as a customer. In your accounting system you add “Bulletproof” and send an invoice through. Everything is fine, as long as the invoice gets paid… but what happens if there is a dispute? You have nothing in writing and “Bulletproof My Business Pty Ltd” is not “Bulletproof” It makes a huge difference if you know the ABN, the type of company and when it was started - all clearly identify the customer you intend to do business with.

Do business, on YOUR terms!

Did you know that the verbal agreement or handshake you have isn’t worth the paper it is written on? Seriously though, if you do not have terms IN WRITING and agreed to PRIOR to debt being incurred then you have no terms at all. Let’s put this in perspective - do you want to get paid in 7 days? 30? OR whenever your customer feels like it? All too often we hear - “We have ‘7 days’ on our invoice, that is enough, isn’t it?” - NO! It is not - you only send the invoice AFTER the debt has been incurred and at this point it is already TOO LATE. We create a unique and customised agreement to go on your Credit application to ensure you are protected.

Due Diligence
Know your customers history, know their future

Identifying the entity you are dealing with and giving them your terms are a great start - but what if they can’t AFFORD to pay you? Then where does that leave you? Due diligence is how you gain a more in depth insight into your client. You should know who the directors of your customer are as well as who owns the shares. You NEED to know if this new customer has not paid other suppliers before - because this shows a pattern and may make you rethink issuing credit to them. Remember, when you issue credit you are effectively LENDING money to that customer. Would you be so quick to hand out cash if you knew they didn’t pay their suppliers?

Become a secured creditor

Did you know that if your customer goes into liquidation, it doesn’t have to mean you lose EVERYTHING? That it is possible to not only to get paid, but to KEEP the money you have already made from them? Did you know that you can be secured as a creditor right below the bank? The PPSA has made all of this not only possible, but EASY - but only IF you follow the right process. We give you the ability to become a secured creditor with a mere click of a button!

Bulletproof My Business and Cameron have been wonderful from our very first meeting, they saw the issues we were facing right away and within a very short time we had overcome them with their new system customised to suit our business. Bulletproof my business handle everything from the credit application process right through to PPSA lodgements and credit control. Cameron and his team offer a fantastic easy to use system with personal service to back it up.

Rebecca Waters - Hi Range Crane Forks

I love the confidence that Bulletproof has given Me. I know that whatever happens, I am covered.

Michael Phipps - Phippsy Tech Pty Ltd

Bulletproof has really made it easy for me to add new clients, I don’t have to guess now as they gave me a great process to use.

Michael McNish

Our Pricing

Our pricing is really simple, there are 2 easy options.

We provide you with the tools you need and YOU do the work OR

We provide you with the tools and WE do the work for you.

Then you just decide if you want the Bulletproof Guarantee as the final level of cover.




Custom Terms
Terms Validity While you subscribe While you subscribe
No Client Limit
Credit Check $35 $35
(includes GSI Registration)
(PPSR Registration)
$50 $22
(if done without Credit Check)
Forms on YOUR domain
Credit Management Autopilot
Commitment 12 Months
Commercial Forms
Residential Forms (Building contracts)
Bulletproof Guarantee Eligible
Video Terms Explanations
Asset Protection
(monthly, includes fortnightly registration of a new manifest)
add $200 per month add $150 per month

per month

per month

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