Bulletproof My Credit Management

The Ideal Credit Process

Protects your business
Lays the groundwork for any debt collection action needed
Creates consequences of non-payment - you are no longer at the mercy of a court
Ensures you don't issue credit to unsafe busineses
Makes you a secured creditor

Step 1 - Identify

Identifying the entity you intend to do business with is critical - after all, it is practically impossible to enforce an agreement made with the wrong entity.

For example - you pick up Bulletproof My Business Pty Ltd as a customer.
In your accounting system you add “Bulletproof” and send an invoice through.
Everything is fine, as long as the invoice gets paid… but what happens if there is a dispute?
You have nothing in writing and “Bulletproof My Business Pty Ltd” is not “Bulletproof” It makes a huge difference if you know the ABN, the type of structure and when it was started - all clearly identify the customer you intend to do business with.

Being aware is the initial defence you will have against bad debtors.
Completing this step will tell you your customer's ABN status - you don't want to deal with a cancelled ABN.

Step 2 - Terms

terms of trade
Did you know that a verbal agreement isn’t worth the paper it is written on?
Seriously though, if you do not have terms IN WRITING and agreed to PRIOR to debt being incurred then you have no terms at all.
Let’s put this in perspective - do you want to get paid in 7 days? 30? OR whenever your customer feels like it?
All too often we hear - “We have ‘7 days’ on our invoice, that is enough, isn’t it?” -
NO! It is not - you only send the invoice AFTER the debt has been incurred and at this point it is already TOO LATE.
We create a unique and customised agreement to go on your Credit application to ensure you are protected.

This is often the first "check" you do on your customer - generally people who do not intend to pay you will refuse to sign our Terms of trade.
This is your first chance to stop a bad debt before it even happens!

Step 3 - Due Diligence

due diligence
Identifying the entity you are dealing with and giving them your terms is a great start - but what if they can’t afford to pay you?
Then where does that leave you? Due diligence is how you gain a more in depth insight into your client.
You need to know if this new customer has not paid other suppliers before - because this shows a pattern and may make you rethink issuing credit to them.
Remember, when you issue credit you are effectively lending money to that customer.
Would you be so quick to hand out cash if you knew they didn’t pay their other suppliers?

Being aware of problems your potential customer has caused for other suppliers gives you a second chance to stop a bad debt before it occurs.
Know your customer's past, know their future.

Step 4 - Registration

Did you know that if your customer goes into liquidation, it doesn’t have to mean you lose EVERYTHING?
That it is possible to not only to get paid, but to KEEP the money you have already made from them?
Did you know that you can be secured as a creditor at the same level as the bank?
The PPSA has made all of this possible - but only IF you follow the right process.
We give you the ability to become a secured creditor with a mere click of a button!


Bulletproof My Business and Cameron have been wonderful.
From our very first meeting, they saw the issues we were facing right away and within a very short time we had overcome them with their new system customised to suit our business.
Bulletproof my business handle everything from the credit application process right through to PPSA lodgements and credit control.
Cameron and his team offer a fantastic easy to use system with personal service to back it up.

Rebecca Waters Hi Range Crane Forks

The team at Bulletproof really opened my eyes to what I needed to do when onboarding a client.
I had no idea what the PPSR was, how to ensure clients didn't bully me, how to protect my IP or how important it was to do a credit check before taking a client on.
Bulletproof made it so easy and have already saved me tens of thousands of dollars.

Michael McNish McNish Media

We have enjoyed the streamlined process for credit checks and protection that bulletproof provides our business

Genette Hilton All States trailer spares

The Bulletproof My Business Team

We launched in 2013, with a single goal in mind:
Getting our Clients paid. On time and in FULL.
We have a great team here, ready to look after you.

Cameron Marsden

Cameron Marsden

Founder + Managing Director

Cameron had the idea that a tried and tested process used in almost every business could be vastly improved using technology. The Credit process is not new, but making it entirely electronic and EASY - that is how Bulletproof is different.

Michael Phipps

Michael Phipps

Lead Developer

Michael "Phippsy" Phipps is the digital genius who has taken ideas and turned them into reality. He is the driving force of the development team and has been working on the world wide web since it first began. It is his passion for UX that makes using Bulletproof such a pleasure.

Amanda Heard

Amanda Heard

Head of Legal

Amanda has many years experience in commercial areas of law, ranging from front end commercial, finance and PPSA advice, to back end commercial litigation and dispute resolution along with insolvency matters, across all Australian jurisdictions. As our Head of legal, she leads the team that creates our Terms of Trade - the bedrock of our solution.

Courtney Harris

Courtney Harris

PPSR Specialist

Courtney "Charlie" Harris started out as a Trainee with Bulletproof and has proven herself an incredibly valuable asset to both Bulletproof and Clients alike. She specialises in the PPSA and is personally responsible for almost all the security registrations created to date. She brightens up the office with her bubbly attitude and contagious smile!

Our pricing is very simple.

Setup - $440, once only)

We will:
  • Customise your Terms of Trade
  • Configure Credit Management for you
  • Provide you and your staff with training on how to use Credit Management
  • Import your existing commercial customers (from your Accounting System)
  • Send Terms of Trade to your existing commercial customers

Futureproof Terms - from $75 (Monthly)

This includes:
  • Updates of the Terms of Trade (fine print) as needed when laws change
  • Automatic notification of update of Terms and renewed acceptance (should that be needed)
  • Access to all new features of Bulletproof My Credit Management
  • Guidance and support - access to a dedicated support hotline
  • Training for all your staff (including any new staff as they come on)
  • Integrations, such as Accounting systems

Credit process steps (Included and Unlimited)

  • Identification - searching potential customers
  • Adding customers - B2B (Commercial)
  • Adding customers - B2C (Residential)
  • Terms - Terms of Trade and/or Credit Applications
  • Approval of Credit terms and limit-
    1. based your credit policy
    2. based on the Credit score (from the credit check, if completed)
    3. OR - based on your Accounting system records (imported customers only)
  • Email notification of your decision to your customer

Registration and Monitoring (from $11)

You are only charged when you register a security interest against your customer (by clicking a button)
This step only applies to commercial customers.
This includes:
  • Making you a Secured Creditor
  • Monitoring your customer for changes and notifying you within 5 MINUTES of changes being detected!
  • Maintaining your registration

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